ONX Ethernet and Stratasync Checklist

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Things to be checked when trying to synchronize an ONX Unit with Stratasync                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


Troubleshooting Steps to review an issue about connectivity between ONX and Stratasync.

Solution Steps

ONX-620 Ethernet Connectivity
  1. Make sure the ONX-620 is connected to an Ethernet cable and active port connection.
  2. ONX-620 must be connected to electrical power and not only batteries.
  3. Power on the ONX and go to CATV -> Connection
  4. Make sure that Connection Status shows: “Ethernet Connection Active” and the ONX is obtaining an IP Address with WAN access.
ONX-620 Stratasync Connectivity: (After confirming that Ethernet connectivity is correct)
  1. Press the Home key, scroll down the screen and go to SYSTEM -> Stratasync.
  2. In Stratasync, make sure to have a valid account-id, user-id and Ethernet interface.
  3. In Stratasync, make sure the server address is: stratasync.jdsu.com OR stratasync.viavisolutions.com
  4. Press Start and confirm if the meter is doing synchronization with the StrataSync Server.
Stratasync Server:
  1. Make sure the ONX is in the inventory and not in the holding bin.
  2. Make sure the ONX information in the server matches the information in the ONX-620.
Stratasync Error Possible causes:
  1. Ethernet connection is failing, and the ONX is not getting and ip address (Check cable and ports).
  2. ONX is getting and Ip address, but it is restricted (No internet access).
  3. Stratasync account is no valid. (Check your StrataSync Account with your Sales Rep or Tech Support).
  4. Tech Id is incorrect. (Check your StrataSync tech id with your Sales Rep or Tech Support).
  5. Server Address Is incorrect: Make sure the Stratasync Server address is either stratasync.jdsu.com OR stratasync.viavisolutions.com

Additional Information

Here is a Link where are these steps replicated in an ONX-620 Meter: