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In the Analyzer you can decode packet captures, create filters, start network trending, set alarms, and configure a wide range of settings.


If you are using Observer Expert Console Only (ECO), this your area.


Getting started

Read about Observer and its system requirements. Plus, learn how to perform software upgrades and change general settings. Read about GigaStor and its protocol and port settings. Plus, learn how to set general options and the differences between a GigaStor appliance and the GigaStor Software Edition.


Real-Time Statistics

Real-time statistics help you discover network load, utilization rates, and other connection statistics on your network. Real-time statistics tools can be used at any time; a packet capture is not needed.


Network and Application Discovery

Observer uses application definitions to identify applications and services. Learn the best ways of identifying your network’s servers, clients, and the applications they use, by using discovery tools and the address book.


Packet Captures

Capturing network traffic is the primary purpose of Observer. Network packets can be captured, merged, and saved to several file formats, plus the buffer settings can be tweaked for performance.



Filtering narrows the scope and size of your packet captures so you get only what you want. This filtering can take place before (pre-filter) and after (post-filter) the packet capture is saved to disk.



When you are working with packets or need to open a packet capture, the decoding tools are what you use. Customize your packet view settings and be able to search packet payload, process NetFlow data, or even replay a packet capture.


Expert Analysis



Log events are created for most Observer actions and data communication. These can be used for troubleshooting Observer communication.



Alarm can be made in Observer with triggers and actions. A trigger is an event on your network, while an action is what should happen or who will be automatically notified if necessary.


Security and Privacy

Learn about the web certificate trust model and how probe instance communication is encrypted by it. Also read about how to use Observer with regulation compliance and end-user and institutional privacy and security in mind.


Network Trending


VoIP and Teleconferencing




SNMP Management Console


Supported Protocols

Observer can decode and analyze hundreds of different network protocols. An updated list of supported protocols is available.


ATA Applications

A list of applications used in ATA. Click an application name to see all of the request or response codes for that application used in ATA or in alarms.