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Getting started

Read how to create a REST API session, why self-signed certificates are not as scary as they sound, about the various REST headers, and general information about using the REST APIs available in Observer Platform.


Retrieving the IDs of objects

IDs play an important role when using the REST API. Learn how IDs interact between Observer Platform products and how to retrieve an object’s internal ID.


Understanding dashboardResults

A dashboard is the primary way to see data in Apex, but you can query the results data and pull it into your own analysis tools.


Available operations and endpoints

Along with the base structure, use the list of the URIs and endpoints for Apex, Observer, OMS, and Matrix along to consume data from Observer Platform. Also listed are the operations allowed for each endpoint and the status codes that are returned.


Apex Field IDs

The field ID is how Apex identifies certain portions internally. Use the corresponding label as it will likely be more meaningful to you.


Observer REST

The Observer REST API documentation is maintained separately using a Swagger interface. Several examples of how to extract data from a GigaStor are provided and the filter syntax is described.


REST API documentation changes


Release notes

Release notes are available for current and previous versions of the Observer Platform.