Trilithic Transition FAQ

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Product Discontinuation


Will the Trilithic product line and brand change?

Many Trilithic products will be rebranded as VIAVI over the next year or so, and in the case where duplication exists select VIAVI and Trilithic products will be discontinued. Formal discontinuation notices will be sent for impacted products enabling last time buys.  Consult your Sales Rep if you have questions about a specific product.


How long will VIAVI support discontinued Trilithic products (TAC, repair, etc)?

VIAVI provides technical support and repair services for most manufacturing discontinued products for 5 years after end of manufacturing subject to availability of parts and test equipment.  There are current Trilithic models that have been discontinued for longer than 5 years and Trilithic had a best effort process to attempt to repair any equipment.  VIAVI will be reviewing the Trilithic discontinued portfolio over the next six months and make announcements to the field of future servicing decisions.


Can I still purchase hardware and/or upgrades for my Trilithic product post-acquisition?

Upgrade availability will vary on a product-by-product basis, you can visit individual product pages for available upgrades/options or contact your sales rep.


Will Trilithic EAS products still be available?

VIAVI will continue to offer and in fact will increase investment in the Trilithic EAS program to further advance our lead in this important market.


Product Support/Warranty


How can I get technical support for my Trilithic product?

Support menu is available online at or you can call +1-844 GO VIAVI (+1-844-468-4284).


Where can I find the latest firmware updates for my Trilithic product?

Firmware updates are located under the Downloads menu item on each product page. A software/firmware master list for all products can be found at (Support→ Software Downloads and Updates)


Will anything change regarding warranty support for my Trilithic meter?

VIAVI will honor terms and conditions in place at the time of purchase for all Trilithic instruments.  All Trilithic products purchased after March 31, 2018 will be subject to VIAVI terms and conditions, and while warranty durations will not change for Trilithic products other T&C details may vary from previous Trilithic warranty provisions.  Please review VIAVI standard terms and conditions for details.


How do I request an RMA?

RMAs can continue to be made using the existing Trilithic website, or from the Viavi website.   Alternatively, you can email or call +1-844 GO VIAVI (+1-844-468-4284)


How do I get my Trilithic product repaired?

See above – how to request an RMA


Who do I contact to track repair status for my Trilithic instrument?




Will my Sales Representative change after the acquisition, and if so how do I find who my new Rep is?

Visit to request the appropriate Sales representative to contact you.


How do I place an order for Trilithic products?

See this link for details


Who do I make payment to for my Trilithic products?

Remittance instructions will be specified on the VIAVI invoice


How do I find the status of my order that was processed prior to April 2, 2018?

Same as today – no change.


How do I find the status of my order that was processed after April 2, 2018?

VIAVI has a customer portal available for self-serve order status, or they can contact Customer Care


How will billing/invoicing be handled during the transition?

All items shipped out of Trilithic will be invoiced through the Trilithic system. All items shipped from VIAVI will be invoiced through Oracle.


Who do I contact with invoicing/billing issues?


Trilithic offered financing assistance, does VIAVI offer something similar?

Yes, VIAVI offers several flexible financing options. Details can be found at




How much longer will be online?

com and related product-specific sites will remain online at least through the end of 2018. These sites will be removed after relevant content has been migrated to


com has a wealth of support information, will it still be available after the website shuts down?

VIAVI is in the process of migrating support information from the Trilithic sites to with a focus on making it simple for users to locate. Work is also underway to enhance existing support items and create additional content to improve user experience.


Where can I find Trilithic products on

There are multiple paths to locate Trilithic products on If the product name is known the Search functionality can be used.  There are also Product and Solution-based guided navigation paths available in the navigation bar at the top of all pages.  There is also a Trilithic Products selection under the Products menu that replicates the hierarchy used on the Trilithic sites.