Cannot remote control test modules in ONT-6xx HEC mainframe configured with IP in 192.168.144.x range.

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ProblemWhen an ONT-6xx HEC (High End Controller) mainframe's management Ethernet interface (eth0) is configured with an IP address in the 192.168.144.x range, a remote control TCP socket connection cannot be opened to the mainframe and/or test modules. 

The 192.168.144.x subnet is used by the ONT-6xx HEC internal Ethernet interface for communication with the test modules over its backplane. Configuring the mainframe's management Ethernet interface (eth0) with an IP address in the same range creates a conflict with the internal backplane interface causing remote control communication to be blocked as a result.
Configure the ONT-6xx HEC mainframe with an IP address outside of the 192.168.144.x range. Note that this may require configuring a new or larger subnet on your existing LAN, or connecting the ONT to different LAN altogether.