HCU 1500/CPU 2500 Problem to add to the server

Document created by viavisupport on Aug 6, 2018
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ProblemThe customer tried to configure the new CPU 2500 using the command on the HCU 1500. 
However, the unit keeps the command as a looping and its unable to add the CPU at the HCU 1500 and add it to the Pathtrak Server.

The first step, the remote access via null cable modem using putty was requested:


1. Once connected, it was run the commands to try to add the CPU 2500 into the HCU 1500
2. The commands fail. Instead to proceed the according to the unit keep on looping.
3. It was tried to access telnet, but its impossible to access.


The second step, its recommend to the customer go in his CPU 2500 and remove the SD Card and add it again. 
Running this procedure, it would be help in case the CPU had some corruption.
The customer did this procedure, and the unit was able to get the commands and being add to Pathtrak System. 


If the unit was able to get the commands, then the customer would have to send the unit to repair.