PDH Jitter on the 5800/MSAM

Document created by viavisupport on Jan 9, 2019
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Problem     Is PDH jitter an option on the TB5800 or the MSAM with the TB6000A or TB8000?
PDH Jitter is option on both version MSAMs. It is a separate software option and requires a jitter capable PIM module. JItter capable PIMS have a serial number starting P2 or higher and say Jitter Capable on their labels. Both the version 1 and Version 2 5800's have PDH Jitter options. For the V2 5800 jitter is available at all PDH rates and is TX and RX. For the V1 5800 jitter is available only on DS1 and DS3 and is RX only. For the 5800-100G, Jitter is RX only at DS1, DS3 and E1 rates.