EuroBPI+ certificate now shown on the ONX option list

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ProblemEuroBPI+ certificate now shown on the ONX option list after the cert. installation.
When you deploy a Euro cert zip file from StrataSync, it’s not on the unit until the next time the unit is sync’d.
BUT, after the unit has the file (from the SS sync), it’s not really installed in the “normal” way until you’ve run some kind of test that causes the unit to look to see if it has any new certs.  These would be tests like OneCheck or DOCSIS Check from the main menu.
After a test has been run that could use the cert, then, on the next boot of the unit, the “DOCSIS 3.0 Euro BPI+ Certs” should appear in the unit’s Hardware Options list.
After the unit updates its HW Opts list to show the Euro cert, then if you sync to SS, the Hardware Options list there will show the “Euro BPI+ Certs” in HW Options.


We had assumed previously that just deploying a Euro cert from SS would make it appear in the unit’s HW opts list and in SS right away, and now we know that’s not true.  It takes running a test on the unit and rebooting it, and then a 2nd sync after that before the HW opts lists in both places are updated.
The firmware must be new enough (> 3.6.20) to support having the Euro cert appear in the HW Options list.
It is very confusing and not very obvious until you understand all the steps involved!


Note: Article created using the information discovered by Nick Johnson


Alfredo Fierro