360 DSP / 720 DSP / 1G DSP Modem Logging

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This How to describes the method for creating and getting access to the internal cable modem log files. This method (cable modem logging) is typically used by salesman, application engineers, and customers.  This method requires placing the unit into “Logging” mode



How to enable Logging / Telnet Access
1) Turn on the meter
2) Using the Navigation Setup Menu, Choose Setup Icon
3) Enter the Global Setup Menu and change the operating Level to “Logging”
4)Reboot Meter


Cable Modem Logging:
Note: Make sure you do not have an Ethernet cable plugged into the meter
1) Connect the Coax cable TV plant to the “F” connector on the meter.
2) Using the Navigation Troubleshoot Menu, Choose CMStat Icon.
3) Inside the CMStat login menu, Choose Login Button (lower right)



Note: The meter will attempt to login to the cable plant. If it works, it will enter the cable modem statistics menu. If it does not login, it will remain at the login screen. Either way, logging information will be collected into a log file.



4) After a while, exit the CMStat menu or Cable Modem Settings menu
5) Using the Navigation Setup Menu, Choose Files Menu and Insert USB Memory Stick


6) Press Fn (Function) and Select Activate USB Power. (Wait several seconds.)



7) Select the Save Log soft key in the Files menu. (Wait 10-60 seconds.) A message will be displayed saying that the slm360log.txt file was saved to the memory stick.



8) Exit the Files menu (Causes a “sync” Linux command and shuts down USB Power). You should wait until step 7 has completed.
9) Remove USB drive, place in PC, and View file slm360log.txt in Word Pad

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