SMARTCLASS Device driver not found on W10. How to solve it.

Discussion created by viavisupport on Aug 16, 2019
SMARTCLASS Devices driver not found on W10. How to solve it.
Solution Steps
Install the SmartReporter software v2.90 and you unit should be correctly recognized: 
Alternative solution is to install the ViaviDriverCollection v3.0 driver package from the same page.
This Viavi driver collection supports these device families:
 * SmartClassFiber (OLx-8y)
 * SmartClass (OLx-5y)
 * SmartPocket (OLx-3y)
 * etc.
To install the drivers, please double-click on the file ViaviDriverCollection_V3_0.msi
Now the Viavi device can be connected via USB cable to the PC.
Note: To remove any files associated with the Viavi Driver collection installation procedure (ca. 12 MB), double-click again on the file ViaviDriverCollection_V3_0.msi
and follow the instructions for removing the installation files. Even then Microsoft Windows will keep the driver's functionality


Alfredo Fierro