How to get the DSAM Logs

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This article describes how to get the DSAM logs for TAC troubleshooting.
Solution Steps
1.    Download the V4.7 Stand Alone Remote DSAM App from -> then unzip the folder, or launch the Remote DSAM from StrataSync or TPP. 
2.    In your physical DSAM unit (make sure you have an Ethernet connected to the unit)-> go to Configure -> General -> Diagnostics -> Virtual DSAM 
3.    Open up the Standalone Remote DSAM App by clicking on RemoteDSAM.jar, and once it opens up select Connection -> Connect to Meter -> Type IP address displayed under Virtual DSAM (Configure -> General -> Diagnostics -> Virtual DSAM) in your physical DSAM unit.
4.    in the remote Stand Alone DSAM app go to Connection -> Command Prompt -> Type the following commands as shown in the example video: 


l c 32
l c 34
l c 37
l c 75
l c 76
l c 77


5.    Then Run a DOCSIS test, once the test is finished -> In the command screen you will see the unit getting the logs, copy those results and paste them in Notepad or Notepad++ 
6.    Save the file and send it to TAC for debugging.


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